Life, AD&D and Disability

Basic Life insurance and AD&D
We provide a Basic Life benefit for all eligible employees working 20 or more hours each week on a regular and continuous basis. Eligible employees receive a benefit of $10,000. This insurance is administered by Mutual of Omaha.

Long-Term Disability Insurance

Long Term Disability is employer-paid and therefore a taxable benefit to the employee. Disability is administered by Mutual of Omaha.

You may receive 66 2/3% of your earnings up to a maximum monthly benefit of $9,000 in the event of a qualifying claim. Benefits may begin after 90 days of being disabled.

Keep Your Beneficiaries Up to Date

You must designate a beneficiary (the person who will receive the benefit) for your life and AD&D insurance when going through enrollment on the Employee Navigator Make sure to keep this person’s information updated so your benefit is paid according to your wishes.