Health Savings Account

The HSA is administered by Wex.

Build an account funded with tax-exempt dollars by you. All funds contributed by Wahpeton Public Schools become 100% owned by the employee at the time of funding. You cannot contribute more than the combined 2024 IRS maximum of $4,150 for a single plan and $8,300 for a family plan. If you are of age 55 or turn 55 in the 2024 plan year, you are able to contribute an additional $1,000 to your HSA.

HSA dollars can be used to help pay for eligible medical/dental/vision expenses not covered by an insurance plan, including deductibles, copays, and prescriptions. Funds can be used for your tax dependents eligible expenses regardless if they are covered on your Wahpeton Public Schools health plan.

You are eligible to have a Health Savings Account if you are enrolled in our High Deductible Health Plan and not covered by “conflicting coverage” such as Medicare, Tri-care, or coverage through another health plan that is not an HSA-qualifying high deductible health plan, including a traditional Health Reimbursement flex spending account.

To make any changes or enroll, visit:

2024 Maximum HSA Contributions

Employee: $4,150

Family: $8.300

Catch up (age 55+): $1,000

For a list of eligible expenses, visit: